Arie Altena

Interact or Die
Arjen Mulder and Joke Brouwer (eds.)

Publication on occasion of the 2007 Dutch Electronic Art Festival
V2_ Publishers, NAi, Rotterdam, 2007
ISBN 978-90-5662-577-1

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I worked on the texts describing the artworks:

Growing Networks (Thomas McIntosh and Roman Kirschner) Interactive Automata (Garnett Hertz, Code31, Antoine Schmitt, Donna Conlon, 5VOLTCORE, Zachary Lieberman and Ubermorgen with Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio) Sound Installations (Edwin van der Heide, Valentina Vuksic and Herwig Weiser) Second Life, Third Space (Graham Smith, Workspace Unlimited, Exonemo and Marnix de Nijs)