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Oorbeek is

... a collective of artists, musicians and theorists
-- in other words: a band --
we love free improv (and fun).
We say: 'Oorbeek always begins anew. Oorbeek frees sound'.
Or, in Dutch: Oorbeek maakt geluid vrij and Oorbeek begint altijd opnieuw.
Oorbeek is based in Amsterdam.
Once someone said we were 'New Weird Amsterdam'...

Oorbeek People

Peter Cleutjens: drums, percussion
Serge Onnen: trumpet, daf, various small instruments
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer: bass guitar, mouth harp, effects
Alice Smits: electric guitar
Mark van Tongeren: voice, overtone singing, effects, kaoss pad, various non-western instruments (currently in Taiwan)
Maarten Hepp: voice, effects, kaoss pad, percussion, tambourine horn, toy instruments
Arie Altena: guitars, banjo, quicktime

Previously also:
Lauren Howard: voice (occasionally)

Oorbeek is part of Stichting Fijn Lawaai (Nice Noise Foundation)

Marjolein Palthe, dancer, choreographer
Samuel Vriezen, composer
Esma Moukhtar, freelance writer